Tourist Attractions Pattaya

I can take you from your hotel to all the tourist attractions in and around Pattaya. The most popular are as follows.

  • Underwater World – website
  • Non Nooch Tropical Gardens – website
  • Sanctuary of Truth – website
  • Sriracha Tiger Zoo – website
  • Cartoon Network Water Park – website
  • Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan)
  • Silverlake Vineyard
  • Chinese temple
  • Koh Samet (or ferry)

Buddha Mountain, Silverlake Vineyard and the Chinese Temple are all very close to each other. We can organise trips so you can visit all three together. For more details please see ths page or contact me.

Round Trip Rate examples – for all others please contact me

Pattaya to Sriracha Tiger Zoo and back  – 1,200 Baht

Pattaya to Nong Nooch Gardens and back  – 1,200 Baht

Pattaya to Underwater World and back  – 800 Baht

Pattaya to Floating Market and back  – 800 Baht